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If you are a buyer for a spa, salon or store or the owner of a beauty business, you might be interested in anti-aging products. Lately people are starting to pay more attention to their skin care routine and they are also more interested in anti-aging from a younger age. To combat the first signs of anti-aging, our suppliers have uploaded a variety of creams and lotions to suit your needs. Interesting to see is that most people, when asking about anti-aging, only look at products for their face and perhaps their hands. Those are of course important parts of the body, but the decollete cannot be overlooked. And what about specified products and balms for the eyes and lips? Since these area’s of the skin are thinner and thus more delicate, they need different products than the forehead and cheeks for example. Find your wholesale anti aging eye cream and anti aging lip cream in this category.

Wholesale anti aging eye cream

When people age you can see it in their faces. The skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and fine lines and wrinkles will slowly appear as well. The area around the eyes in particular is sensitive for fine lines and wrinkles, because people use this part of the skin very often. They squint, smile or look surprised, and all these movements cause those fine lines to appear. Of course your customers would want to keep those lines and wrinkles away for as long as they can, and an anti-aging eye cream will help you do just that. The products are filled wtih ingredients for the delicate eye area and reduce those lines and sometimes even puffiness around the eyes. This way your customers look fresh, awake and youghtful. For other eye creams please visit our eye care products category. 

Wholesale anti aging lip cream

The skin of the lips is the most thin part of the skin of the body, therefore it needs special care, especially when it comes to anti-aging. A good anti-aging lip serum or balm needs to moisturize the lips and prevent any damage that can been done during the day (think of dry and chafing lips). Some lip serums even contain SPF to protect the lips of your customers against the UV-rays, which is one of the largest causes of aging.

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