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Anti-aging products are one of the most populair beauty products in the beauty industry. Every customer would like to appear as youghtful as possible and keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as they can. If you are the owner of a beauty business or the buyer for a spa, salon or store, adding anti-aging products to your assortment will surely increase your sales. Besides anti-aging day cream and cream to battle the first signs of aging, or suppliers also offer a variety or anti-aging night creams. In this category you will find all the wholesale anti-aging night cream our international beauty suppliers have to offer. Please check their product description to see the minimum quantity per order and to which countries the supplier delivers.

Wholesale night cream with anti-aging

Most of your customers have probably already thought about anti-aging products, no matter their age. In fact, most people already start their anti-aging routine when they’re around 25 years old. A very populair anti-aging treatment is to apply an anti-aging night cream, which soaks into the skin during the night and revitalizes it. Because the skin is resting at night, creams and lotions can easily stimulate skin regeneration and replenish daily moisture loss while the person is asleep. Please check the product description to see which age range the product is best suited for. Some night creams are specifically tailored to people from 40 years old for example, and it contains different ingredients than an anti-aging night cream suitable for people from 60 years.

Wholesale anti-aging night cream, serum and masks

The creams, serums and lotions on our platform are often either specified by skin type or suitable for all skin types. If your customer has a dry skin or a mature skin, you might need a cream or serum with more moisturizing effects than a person with oily skin. Creams which focus on dry an mature skin often contain ingredients which prevent dehydration, while at the same time enhance the oxidant flow for a supple and smooth skin. If your customer has a sensitive skin, an anti-aging night cream which is paraben free might be more suitable. Check the product description which skin type the product is suitable for and to which country the beauty supplier delivers. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to send the supplier an email or contact them via our chat-function. Note that this function is only available for registered members. Registration is (and will stay) completely free, so sign up and contact as many suppliers as you would like. 

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