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Are you looking for wholesale facial cleaners for your beauty salon, spa or drugstore? While tending to the skin it is important to rinse it now and then, to prevent the pores from getting clogged or dirt from causing acne or other skin problems. A facial cleanser helps to clean the skin from dead skin cells, makeup or other pollutant on the skin. Wholesale cleansers on I Trade Beauty are categorized for each skin type, so browse through the categories to find the products suited to normal, dry, oily, mature or sensitive skin.

Normal, dry and oily skin facial cleanser

Important is that the right cleanser is used for the right skin type. For normal skin for example, a skin cleanser with mild and non-irritating ingredients would be sufficient. However, if the skin is dry, a dry skin cleanser which is free from perfumes and will moisturize the skin is more suitable. If you are looking for wholesale facial cleansers for dry skin, you will find different international brands on our platform. If the skin is oily however it might be good to have a cleanser that removes excess oil without overdrying. For those skin types we have multiple facial cleansers for oily skin available, please check our skin type category to see an overview of all the products in our assortment.

Wholesale facial cleanser for mature skin

With time the skin becomes increasingly dry and sensitive. This is a normal part of the skin aging process which usually starts at age 30. As your skin matures your daily cleansing routine should become more gentle, since your skin is more delicate to any influence from the outside like cold and water. Choosing the right cleansing products will help to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale facial cleansers for mature skin that dissolve old sebum and remove dead skin cells without causing the skin to get dry.

Wholesale facial cleanser for sensitive skin

Facial cleansers are used to wash the face and remove any makeup, oil, dirt and other impurities. However, if the skin is sensitive to certain ingredients it is imporant to use a cleanser free from everything that might cause a reaction. On our wholesale beauty platform you will find different kinds of skin care products that are suitable for sensitive skin, including wholesale facial cleansers

Facial Cleanser