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Are you the owner of a salon, spa or store and do you have customers who are looking for a facial cleanser for mature skin? On I Trade Beauty suppliers from all around the world gather to present you the best wholesale facial clenaser for mature skin. Since mature skin usually also comes with dryness, the cleansers formulated for this skin type will not dry the skin any further while rinsing. Find all the wholesale facial cleanser for mature skin in this category. Our beauty suppliers upload new products every day, so if you do not see the product you are looking for right now, it might be there tomorrow. 

Facial cleanser for mature skin

As you get older, your skin gets drier. The oil production of your skin will slow down (for women especially after their menopauze), and if you do not use the right cleanser and moisturizer it can leave the skin rather dry and flaky. A creamy facial cleanser for example which is formulated for dry skin or a cleanser with natural oils will help lock moisture in. Some of the beauty products from our suppliers also contain hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to absorb and hold onto moisture better. This will plump up the skin a little, lessening the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles. These products are also great to use in combination with anti-aging products for mature skin, to give your customer a refreshed and youghtful look.

Exfoliating and cleansing

Even if you advise your customer to use a facial cleanser for mature skin, it is recommended to combine it with an exfoliator for mature skin. The most outer layer of the skin is composed of dead skin cells, and this layer only thickens as people age. If you exfoliate once a week the new skin underneath will become visible and give your customer a fresh and radiant look. This will also prevent the skin from getting flaky, dry and itchy. If you use a dry brush to exfoliate the body before you take a bath or shower, the moisturizer will go on more smoothly if the skin is exfoliated. You can find the wholesale exfoliators in their respective category devided per skin type. 

Mature Skin