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If you are the owner of a salon, spa or store or the buyer for a beauty business, you might be looking for wholesale facial cleansers for your customers. Since there are a few different types of skin, the I Trade Beauty team has devided the facial cleansers per skin type. In this category you will find wholesale facial cleanser for dry skin and normal skin. The cleansers in this category will therefore not dry the skin any further while you use them to cleanse the face. These facial cleansers will also moisturize the skin with natural oils, thereby locking the moisture in. The beauty suppliers connected to our platform offer you the best products from all around the world, so please browse through our category to see all the wholesale facial cleansers for dry skin and normal skin.

Wholesale facial cleanser for dry skin

Is the skin of your customer flaky or dry? In this category you will find creams, electronic brushes and lotions especially formulated for dry skin. Think about a cream cleanser which is ideal for winter since they do not require any rinsing with water. You can just wipe the clenaser off with a cotton pad, which is ideal for dry skin which is sensitive to water in the winter.  Or facial cleansers with micellar technology, which require no rinsing as well since they are hydrophilic, so they pick up dirt. These lotions remove impurities, extract but hydrate at the same time. Some facial cleanser also contain natural ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin, whit acts like an anti-inflammatory and is very gentle on the skin. Yet these products are still capable of whisking off make-up. Please browse through our wholesale facial cleanser for dry skin – category to find all the products you need for your beauty business.

Wholesale facial cleanser for normal skin

If your customer has a normal skin type, it usually means the skin does not get very greasy nor dry. This is also called the least problematic skin type, and people with this type of skin can use most cleansers. The facial cleanser which are mild, remove dir tand grease, but preserve the natural sebum are the best choices. Just try a few gels, creams or a foaming wash to find out what gives your customers the best clean, yet non-drying feeling. It might also be a good idea to use an electronic cleansing brush as an addition to their skin care routine. With the electronic device you can easily control the amount of pressure you use on the skin and it deeply cleanses the pores without drying or flaking the skin. Find out about our wholesale facial cleanser for normal skin on our platform. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty supplier or beauty brand of your choosing.