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If you would like to add a facial cleanser to the assortment of your beauty salon, spa or store, you can find all the products you might need on our wholesale marketplace. There are all different kinds of wholesale facial cleanser for all skin types, from a cleanser that gives off a slight glow after use to a cleansing oil that lifts off waterproof eyeliner. Find the facial cleanser you’re looking for on our wholesale platform, where suppliers from all over the world showcase their products. If you have a question about a product, please contact the supplier via the contact-button, they will reply as soon as they can. Are you a supplier of facial cleansers and would you like to showcase your products in this category? Please register for a FREE membership. You can upgrade to a paid membership whenever you want and receive extra options to showcase your products.

Facial cleanser for all skin types

Facial cleansers for all skin types also come in different textures. On I Trade Beauty you will find creams, lotions, soaps and scrubs suitable for the face. These products will leave the skin of your customers clean as well as hydrated. While these facial cleansers effortlessly remove all make-up, dirt and dead skin cells, they also unclog pores and stimulate the production of collagen. Some facial cleansers also complement anti-aging face serums by removing dead skin cells on the top skin layer. Visit the personal showcases of the beauty suppliers to see if they have any products to complement each other. Some facial cleansers can also be a great base for a moisturizing cream. Browse through this category to see all the wholesale facial cleanser for all skin types our suppliers have to offer.

Electronic cleansing systems

On I Trade Beauty you will find different types of facial cleanser for all skin types, varying from creams and lotions to electronic cleansing brushes. The electronic cleansing brushes are a great addition to your skin care routine in that they can rinse the skin from impurities and make-up without damaging it. With an electronic device it is rather easy to control the pressure you put on the skin, making it a device suitable for all skin types. These cleansing systems will give your customer a clear and clean radiance, while deeply cleansing the pores. Browse through this category to find all the electronic cleansing systems our suppliers have to offer. 

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