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There are facial cleansers for all skin types, from sensitive to dry skin. However if you are looking for wholesale facial cleanser for oily skin or combination skin, you will find what you need in this specific category. Beauty suppliers from all over the world register on our platform to offer you the best wholesale beauty products for you salon, spa or store. For oily skin and combination skin our platform contains products with highly purifying and astringent phyto-extract for example, as well as vegetable oils that promote sebaceous control. Even though these products might have more rinsing capabilities that a facial cleanser for dry skin for example, the ingredients are balanced so the skin does not dry out. Find the wholesale facial cleanser for oily skin and combination skin on our b2b online marketplace.

Wholesale facial cleanser for oily skin

If your customer has oily skin, he or she needs a different kind of cleanser than a person with normal or dry skin type. Since the skin produces more oil, the cleanser needs to be formulated in such a way it will rinse the skin of all the excess oil besides the make-up and impurities. Therefore products in this category have higher rinsing and purification characteristics, while the creams, lotions and soaps tighten the pores and leave the skin hydrated. A deep cleansing without drying the skin is what these products are all about. Are you looking for cleanser with natural ingredients? You will also find beauty suppliers specialized in natural cosmetics, like a supplier who offers natural soap. These products are handcrafted and because of the low temperature during the crafting the active ingredients maintain intact.

Wholesale facial cleanser for combination skin

For customers with combination skin it can often be a challenge to find a cleansing product they are comfortable with. Facial cleansers for normal skin type might not be effective enough, while facial cleansers for oily skin might do too much. The products in this category are suited for both customers with oily skin and combination skin. The cleansing oils, foam or cream give the skin a thorough cleansing, thereby removing makeup and excess oils. However, these products are formulated in such a way they will rinse without dehydrating or stripping the skin. Find all the wholesale facial cleanser for combination skin in this category.   

Combination/Oily Skin