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A fresh and radiant skin is what everyone wishes for, but how can you assist your customers in getting that beautiful skin? If your customer has a normal skin type, a mild exfoliator can help to rinse the skin of dead skin cells and clean clogged pores. Exfoliators will not only rinse, but also moisturize, so the skin will not get too dry. Even if your customer has a dry skin type, exfoliating with a very mild exfoliator who focuses on moisturizing the skin will improve the glow and radiance of the skin. If you are the buyer for a salon, spa or store or the owner of a beauty business, please take a look in our category wholesale exfoliators for normal skin and dry skin. Would you rather ad dan exfoliant for oily skin or mature skin to your assortment? Then please visit our submenu wholesale exfoliator for oily skin and exfoliator for sensitive skin to buy these specific products.

Wholesale exfoliators for normal skin

Even if your customer is lucky enough to have a relatively problem-free skin, they still need to exfoliate to clean their skin. For a normal skin type, a scrub or an enzyme-based exfoliator can be used. Discuss with your customer which product they prefer, or let them try both products (during two treatments for example). If you would like to offer your customer with normal skin a scrub, look for one with jojoba beads for example. These beads are gentler on the skin and are also good for the environment. If you prefer enzyme-based exfoliants, look for a product with bromelain for example. Bromelian is an enzyme derived from pineapple, which has many benefits for the skin like an abundance of anti-oxidants.

Wholesale exfoliators for dry skin

Customers with dry skin often believe that a scrub is the best way to get rid of the flakiness. However, if they use an exfoliator every day, it might irritate and therefore dry out the skin even more. Limit exfoliating dry skin to one to three times as week (or even less depending on how dry the skin is), and advise your customer to use products without grains or beads that tear at the skin. An exfoliant which contains ingredients like jojoba oil for example quickly penetrate the skin and deeply moisturizes it. Follow the exfoliant with a good moisturizer to make sure you are not overdrying your skin.