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Customers with sensitive skin might not believe they can exfoliate, but they do not need to worry. Even with a sensitive skin your customer can get a deep, exfoliating treatment which cleanses the clogged pores and prevent breakouts. The skin will be rinses of dead skin cells without damaging the sensitive skin. However, which exfoliating product is the most suitable for these skin types? On I Trade Beauty you will find exfoliators for all skin types, including wholesale exfoliators for sensitive skin types. If you are the owner of a salon, spa or store or a buyer for a beauty business, please browse through our category wholesale exfoliators for sensitive skin. Would you rather add an exfoliant for normal or dry skin to your assortment? Or perhaps you are more focused on mature skin? Then please visit our submenu for exfoliators for dry skin types, sensitive skin types and oily skin types to buy these specific products.

Exfoliating sensitive skin and dry skin

Sensitive skin is often compared to dry skin, and often customers with sensitive skin have a dry skin as well. As suggested for those with dry skin, it is recommended that people with sensitive skin use a brush or washcloth along with their normal cleanser. Both of these make it easy to control the abrasiveness based on the pressure you use, and you won't have to worry about any ingredients you might be allergic to. Of course, always do a patch test if your skin is really sensitive. Customers with sensitive skin shouldn’t exfoliate everyday, and always protect their skin by repleneshing its natural oils. If your customer accidentally over-exfoliates it is advised to let the skin rest for at least a week. Use a mild product which contains green tea or vitamin C and does not have any drying ingredients.

Exfoliator for sun damaged skin

Exfoliating the skin unfortunately will not solve every skin problem. If your customer has a sunburn for example, they need to stay away from exfoliating altogether. The skin first needs to heal before any exfoliators can be used. For any suncare products like sunscreen, after sun or pre sun we would advise you to visit our wholesale sun care products category. A cream or lotion with a calming, cooling and soothing effect will help the damaged skin to heal faster.  

Sensitive skin