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Exfoliators are becoming increasingly populair under consumers, and many regard the products as the way to rinse the skin and get rid of any dead skin cells. Removing the dead skin cells will give room for new skin cells to grow, which gives your customers a more youghtful and fresh appeareance. If you are the owner of a salon or a buyer who would like to buy exfoliating products, look no further. In our wholesale exfoliators for all skin types category you will find all the products you need. Would you rather add an exfoliant specifically for oily or dry skin to your assortment? Or perhaps an exfoliator for sensitive skin? Then please visit the submenu exfoliators for oily skin types and exfoliators for dry skin types to buy these specific products.

Benefits of exfoliating

Bloggers, influencers and journalists worldwide are wildly enthusiastic about exfoliating, but why? What are the special benefits and why should you advise your customers to add this product in their skin care routine? To prevent the pores from getting clogged for example, thus reducing the chance to get pimples. Another benefit is that a good exfoliator rinses the skin and breaks up impurities without damaging the skin or leaving it too dry. On our wholesale supply platform you will find wholesale exfoliants that are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, wholesale exfoliants for mature skin and oily/dry skin.

Exfoliator for all skin types

In this category you will find wholesale exfoliators for all skin types. Since there are a few different ways to exfoliate, we encourage you to contact the suppliers and ask them about the benefits of their beauty products. What are the benefits of an exfoliating peel? Or a scrub? Or perhaps a gel is more suited to the customers you have in mind? For customers with a sensitive skin for example it is important to use a product like a peeling or butter instead of a scrub, because scrubbing easily causes too much abbrasiveness. Using the chat-function or the contact-button you can contact the supplier of your choosing and ask as many questions as you’d like. Are you a supplier of exfoliators and would you like to showcase your products in this category? Please click on the Join Free button at the right top corner of the page. 

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