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Are your customers wishing for a glowing and radiant skin? But do they have an oily skin which makes the skin shiny? Keep away from hot water, exfoliating is the solution. You might not be able to ‘cure’ the oily skin, but by using the right products you can help your customer drastically reduce oil and breakouts. With an exfoliator suited to oily skin, the skin will be rinsed of dead skin cells and clogged pores (the cause for breakouts), without leaving the skin too dry. If you are the owner of a salon, spa or store or a buyer for a beauty business, please take a look in our category wholesale exfoliators for oily skin and combination skin. Would you rather add an exfoliant for dry skin to your assortment? Or perhaps an exfoliant for sensitive skin? Then please visit our specific exfoliator submenus to buy these specific products.

Benefits of exfoliating oily skin

A combination or oily skin is not just a problem for teens. Many adults (still) have oil-prone skin as well. And even though a benefit for people with an oily skin is that it will take longer for the skin to look like it’s aging, most customers would like to have a more balanced skin (and prevent acne). Using a mild cleanser or exfoliator will help slaugh off the excess oil and impurities, without causing the skin to dry out. The products specifically made for oily skin types reduce the oil production, diminish pore size and prevent blackheads. Most exfoliators also contain ingredients that calm irritated skin and inflammation.

Exfoliator and acne treatments

If you already have customers with acne, then our category acne and problem skin care products contain a few products specifically taloired to skin with acne. These creams, serums and masks can clear the sebaceous glands and help to prevent their return. These products really draw the congestion out, while an exfoliant has a milder approach on the pores. If your customer still hadn’t got any acne, the exfoliators would be a great choice. For customers with acne it’s best to use a product in our acne and problem skin category

Combination/Oily skin