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Are you the owner of a beauty salon, spa or store or are you a buyer for a beauty business? If you are looking for eye cream for puffy eyes and dark circles to give your customers a fresh and radiant look, you will find what you need on I Trade Beauty. On our platform beauty suppliers from all over the world gather to present their products in their online showcase, including wholesale eye cream for puffy eyes. Or are you perhaps looking for wholesale eye cream for dark circles? You will also find them in this skin care products category. If you would like to order a product, please contact the supplier via email or chat (if available). Note that because of the time-difference some suppliers may react a day later.

Wholesale eye cream for puffy eyes

The saying ‘bags under your eyes’ or ‘raccoon eyes’ can for some customers be a real problem. Even after a good nights sleep they have puffy eyes, which makes them look more tired and older than they actually are. For some these puffy eyes are even hereditary, however that does not mean there’s nothing to be done about it. To decrease the puffiness and get a fresh look, eye cream for puffy eyes is often used. Think of anti puffiness eye cream, patches, roll ons or masks.  These products contain hydrating and plumping ingredients such as vitamin C, caffeine and colloidal gold. Find out which wholesale eye cream for puffy eyes our beauty suppliers have to offer.

Wholesale eye cream for dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are unfortunately a common problem around the world. Because of a lack of sleep, dehydration, an allergic reaction, radiation of the sun or because it’s hereditary people get dark circles under their eyes. With the right skin care product your customer can decrease those dark circles or even make the disappear completely. The skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore more vulnerable than the rest of the skin, so it is recommended to use a product that deeply hydrates and nourishes that skin. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale eye cream for dark circles and under-eye cream with vitamin A for example, which fades pigment and increase collagen production to make the skin less transparent. This way dark circles will be less noticable. If you have any questions about the eye care products shown in this category, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier via email or chat (if available). If you would like to showcase your products as well, please register for a FREE membership

Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles