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Are you a buyer for a beauty business or the owner of a beauty salon and looking for wholesale eye cream? Or perhaps wholesale eye cream for dark circles? On I Trade Beauty you will find creams and concentrates from beauty suppliers from all over the world. These products will help your customers tend to the delicate skin around the eyes and replenish any moisture that has been lost. Carefully taking care of the skin around the eyes will make your customers look more awake and with the right eye cream or concentrate fine lines and wrinkles will be lessend. If you would like to order an eye cream or eye concentrate, please contact the supplier to inquire about their products. If the supplier has a chat-function available, you can also ask them directly about their products. Please take into account that suppliers can be offline due to a time difference.

Wholesale eye cream

Eye creams can be real miracle-workers: they can make you look less tired than you feel and can reduce puffiness and dark circles. Not to mention the anti-aging properties some eye creams have. If you are looking for wholesale eye cream with anti-aging effects, you can look in this category as well as the wholesale anti-aging for eyes and lips category. For eye creams which focus on anti puffiness and dark circles, we advise your to visit our wholesale anti-puffiness products and eye cream for dark circles. In this category you will find the all-rounder wholesale eye creams which moisturize the skin around the eyes, while restoring lipids, smoothen pleating and reduce puffiness and fine lines. These gentle and rich cremes are sometimes enhanced with natural ingredients like algae, calendule, rooibos and pomegranate extracts to tend to the delicate skin around the eyes. These natural ingredients synergistically work to balance and soothe the skin and supply extra moisture. Find all the wholesale eye cream on I Trade Beauty, your wholesale b2b online marketplace.

Wholesale eye concentrate

Eye concentrates are, as the name suggests, a more concentrated product than a lotion or creme. Eye concentrates are usually focused around two common problems: dark circles and fine lines, although some eye concentrates also dissolve the appearance of surface discoloration and uneveness. If your customers use these products over a certain specific amount of time, they will get a visibly healthier, smoother and more radiant look. If you have any questions about eye concentrates, the ingredients or the effects, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty supplier. If you are a supplier or beauty brand and you would like to showcase your beauty products in this category, please register for a Free membership at the top of this page. Registration for a Free membership is and always will be free, however you are of course able to upgrade your account if you wish. 

Eye Creams & Concentrates