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Do you need wholesale eye masks or wholesale eye pillows for your beauty salon, spa or store? If you are the owner or a buyer for a beauty business and would like to add eye masks and pillows to your assortiment, you will find what you are looking for on B2B platform I Trade Beauty. The beauty suppliers registered on our platform offer eye masks and pillows that lock in moisture and support the firmness of the skin. With the use of a mask or pillow you will be able to reduce the signs of fatigue and give your customers a refreshed and energetic look. If you would like to order or ask questions about a products, please contact the supplier via their contact-button. If available, you can also ask them questions via the chat-button. Please take note that due to a time difference, some suppliers may be offline (they will receive your chat-message). If you have any questions about the website in general you can always email us.

Wholesale eye masks

Eye masks are a quick way to give your customer a cool and relaxing feeling, and after they are taken off the skin will look firmer and moisturized. Each of the eye masks are infused with active ingredients to replenish the skin’s moisture and nutrients. Some masks will give a soothing effect, which is perfect for sensitive skin, while other masks reduce the signs of fatigue and tone the eye contour for a rested, energetic look. There are even eye masks with anti-aging properties, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so the skin looks firmer. Find all the wholesale eye masks you need for your salon, spa or store from the beauty suppliers registered on our platform.

Wholesale eye pillows

Eye pillows are a great tool that can be used to give your customer that relaxing moment and let the stress of the day just float away. Eye pillows are made from natural fabric like soft cotton or silk and are usually filled with either gel beads or flax seeds. Other fillings are however also possible. They are either applied warm of cool and can contain aromatic herbs like lavender to help clear sinuses and stimulate the immune system. The pillows give a light pressure to the face, therefore relaxing the muscles around the eyes and reducing stress. The wholesale eye pillows from the beauty suppliers registered on I Trade Beauty are from all around the world and can be used on most skin types. For sensitive skin we advise to check the product description to see the ingredients. Find all your wholesale eye pillows on I Trade Beauty

Eye Masks & Eye Pillows