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Are you looking for wholesale lip care products for your salon or store? The lips are one of the thinnest and most delicate part of the skin, yet it is prone to many influences from the outside like the weather and the difference in temperature. Because the lips do not produce the natural oils that the rest of the skin does, they are completely unprotected when exposed to the environment. By applying a cream, balm or treatment lips can be protected from the elements and stay soft and healthy. On I Trade Beauty we offer wholesale lip care products, so please browse through the category to find the right products for your salon or store.

Wholesale lip treatments

No one wants to walk around with flaking and chafing lips. They need the right nourishment to protect themselves against the environment, and a lip treatment rich in hydrating oils will do just that. Contact your wholesale lip treatments supplier on our platform to offer your customers the latest products from international suppliers.

Wholesale lip balm

Lip balm is probably the most populair product to protect the lips. The balm acts like a shield against the outside so the lips stay soft and supple. Many women also use lip balm as a base under their makeup. On our beauty platform you will find not only normal lip balm, but also wholesale lip balm with UV-protection. A lower SPF-rating is sufficient for everday use, but if you are looking for lip balms that will protect for a long time or against strong UV-rays, a balm with higher SPF is recommended. Also view our wholesale sun care category for hair protection and sunscreen to protect yourself against the sun.

Wholesale tinted lip balm

Some lip balms have, besides protection against the environment and the sun in particular, also a teint to add a hint of colour to the lips. They come in a variety of colours: from a subtle light pink to a glamorous shade of red. Rather buy lip balms that have a little flavour? On I Trade Beauty you will find both wholesale tinted lip balms and wholesale flavoured lip balms. If you are looking for other skin care, please browse through our wholesale skin care category to find what you are looking for.

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