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Are you a buyer for a salon, spa or store and are you looking for wholesale moisturizers? A moisturizer helps to hold water in the outer layers of the skin. Moisturizers can treat dry skin and conditions like eczema. They can also offer some protection against the sun and maintain and improve the overall condition of the skin, keeping it healthy. Emollients fill in tiny crevices to keep the skin smooth, while humectants draw water to the outermost layer of your skin for a subtle glow. A good moisturizer will also maintain and treat the balance of the skin, thereby reducing the chance of getting skin problems like rosacea or eczema. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale moisturizers, tinted moisturizers and moisturizers with SPF. See all the products we offer ordered by skin type in the moisturizer category.

Wholesale anti-aging moisturizer

A good moisturizer is not only able to moist your skin, it is also capable of smoothen the fine lines. It does not immediately prevent the aging of the skin, but as long as the product is used, it will make the lines in the face less visible. If the skin is dry it will have extra effect, so for people with a dry skin type moisturizers are definitely recommended. If you are looking for products to prevent and treat anti-aging, we advise you to browse through our wholesale anti-aging category.

Wholesale tinted moisturizers

Some moisturizers are tinted, which gives the person who uses it a natural teint. A tinted moisturizer can also camouflage blemishes. Some people compare a moisturizer to a foundation, but with a very light cover. On our online beauty supply platform you will find tinted moisturizers for all skin types and colours, from almost pale white skin to light brown and black skin. Some wholesale tinted moisturizers also have SPF or are somewhat like bronzers, please read the decription below the product to see all the ingredients.

Wholesale moisturizer with SPF

The moisturizing routine could change based on the time of year and the environment. However, it is widely known that no matter if the sun shines or not, wearing sun protection every day is recommended. Of course there are many sun blocks and creams to protect the skin (see our sun care category), but there is also the option of a wholesale moisturizer with SPF. This will protect the skin even when the sun is not shining brightly.