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As the owner or buyer of a beauty salon, spa or store you will see customers of all ages, who all need a different type of skin care. For customers with mature skin, a moisturizer should be high on their list of skin care products. The skin usually feels dryer and thinner, and a moisturizer will give it the boost it needs. The products in this category will not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also deeply hydrate the skin, giving it a youthful and fresh look. If you would like to add a moisturizer to the assortment of your store, salon or spa, you will find all the wholesale moisturizer for mature skin in this category.

Moisturizer for mature skin

When customers ask for skin care products suited for mature skin, they usually ask for anti-aging products (you will find a clear overview of all our anti-aging products in our anti-aging category). There is more to the mature skin than just anti-aging. What about a cleanser, a moisturizer? Luckily more and more people extend their skin care routine with these products, but then there’s the luxury of choice. Which moisturizer works best for mature skin? In this category our beauty suppliers have uploaded moisturizer specifically formulated for mature skin. They offer wholesale moisturizer for mature skin with botanical ingredients for example. Stem cell extracts from apple, grape seed and gotu kola are blended with extract from the botox plant to firm and tone the skin without the need of painful injections. Or how about moisturizers which contain organic pomegranate juice and collagen-boosting arjuna? These are rich in antioxidants, which helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines, restoring suppleness and elasticity. These moisturizers for mature skin will help boost skin elasticity and smooth the look of the skin of your customer.

Wholesale moisturizer for mature skin with spf

Spf shouldn’t be forgotten, no matter if your customer has a few fine lines or deep wrinkles. If you advise your customers to put at least spf 15 on their face, it will protect the skin from further damage. You can use a moisturizer and a sunscreen, or you can choose a moisturizer which contains spf. The spf is usually either 15 or 30. The moisturizers in this category are formulated to be fast-absorbing without leaving a greasy residue, so your customer can apply multiple times a day. Find all the wholesale moisturizers for mature skin with spf in this category. For more sun care products and sun protection, please visit our sun care – category

Mature skin