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A sensitive skin needs a different kind of care than other skin types. In this case you are not looking at a dry skin which needs extra hydration or an oily skin which needs a well-balanced product which will remove excess oils without drying the skin too much. If a customer has a sensitive skin it is most important the product does not irritate the skin at all. It needs to be highly emollient, yet it can’t contain ingredients or fragrances that will irritate the skin any further. In this category you will find different moisturizers especially created for sensitive skin. These products will help your customers with sensitive skin to restore the smoothness and moisture to their face. Find all the wholesale moisturizers for sensitive skin in this skin care category.

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

A sensitive skin is usually considered ‘sensitive’ if it becomes inflamed and begins to sting if a beauty product contains fragrance, or has irritating ingredients like alcohol or harsh exfoliants. A customer can also have a sensitive skin if they have existing rosacea or other skin problems like eczema. If you are looking for moisturizers for a sensitive skin, look for products which are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. In our moisturizer category you will find products which contain rice extract and jojoba esters, which act as a natural emollient and give the skin a deep hydration. Some moisturizers also contain aloe, which has a soothing effect on the skin, to prevent redness or irritation. These products cane even calm flare-ups from skin problems like eczema.

Moisturizer for sensitive skin with spf

If your customer has a sensitive skin, a moisturizer which also contains spf is hightly advised. Often they are sensitive to not only moisturizers, but also skin care products and sun care products. The products with spf not only protect against the damage from the sun, but also against wrinkles and pigmentation. Remember though that most of the moisturizers with spf won’t suffice if your customer is out in the summer sun all day. A sunscreen or other sun care products are advised to use with the moisturizer. Find all the wholesale moisturizers for sensitive skin in this category. If you would like to add a sun care product brand or product line to your assortment, please visit the sun care category. 

Sensitive skin