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Cleansers and moisturizers are very important skin care products, since they seal in moisture into the outer layer of the skin. As the owner of a salon, store or spa you will have customers with all types of skin, from dry and sensitive to oily and combination skin. If a moisturizer is suited for all skin types, it is characterized for a balanced skin, where some parts of the face can be slightly dry and/or oily. Gel creams or lotions are ideal for this type of skin as these formulas have high water content to replenish dehydrated areas of the skin, while providing some oil to help skin retain hydration. If you would like to add wholesale moisturizer for all skin types to your assortment, please browse through our category to view all the beauty brands and beauty suppliers connected to our platform. As a beauty business or retailer you can contact the suppliers of these wholesale moisturizers by registering on I Trade Beauty as a free member. As a manufacturer or supplier of beauty products it's possible to showcase your products for free as well. See which moisturizers our suppliers offer by scrolling through the pages. If you have any questions about a product, please contact the supplier and they will reply as soon as they can.

Moisturizer for all skin types

No matter which skin type they have, your customers can get their daily dose of hydration by slathering light but moisturizing cream on after they used their spf-product. Or you can use a moisturizer with spf (read below). Some moisturizers contain a light dose of oil, while other are oil-free, but still give the skin enough moisture that it won't look and feel dry. Some moisturizers even have additional effects, like restoring the skin’s cells and making them more vibrant. The peptides and glycolic acid both boost the production of collagen and leave the skin looking fresh and youthful. If a moisturizer also has grape seed extract, which is rich in antioxidants, it can even assist you in protecting the skin against cell aging. For more anti-aging products please visit our anti-aging category. Some moisturizers contain ingredients like aroe vera gel and beeswax, while others add a subtile scent to the moisturizer by adding rose flower extract, while other suppliers especially created a moisturizer which is perfume-free and hypoallergenic. If you would like to see all the moisturizers for all skin types from our suppliers, please click through at the bottom of the product pages or select a specific brand to see their product showcase for all their moisturizers.

Wholesale moisturizer for all skin with spf

If the skin of your customers is not too oily, it can be a great idea to advise the moisturizers with spf. Usually these kind of moisturizers contain oil or slightly more oil than moisturizers without spf, but please read the product descriptions to see if it matches the skin type you are looking for. Some moisturizers are water-based for example, and are undetectable under make-up, so no greasy base before you apply foundation. The lightweight lotions glide onto the skin and even act as a makeup primer, creating a smooth canvas and allowing foundation and blush to last longer. To make your skin look more evenly toned, our suppliers offer moisturizers with light-reflecting minerals, which reduce the appearance of dark spots. Find the wholesale moisturizer for all skin types with spf in our moisturizer-category. 

Moisturizer for all skin types