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Wholesale moisturizer with SPF protection, is that necessary? Well, we would definitely recommend it if your customers don’t feel like putting on sunscreen every day. The sun damages the skin, and is even called the number one reason for the aging of the skin. Still, not matter how much people hear they have to put on sunscreen, it’s just too much work for some. Well, for those people there’s moisturizer with SPF. These multitasking products make sun protection very easy and act like both sun screen and a moisturizer. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, spa or store of the buyer of a beauty business, please browse through our category to see which wholesale moisturizer with SPF protection our beauty suppliers have to offer.

Moisturizer with SPF

Even if the moisturizer is specified by SPF, there still are many options to choose from. A completely natural moisturizer for example, which relies on mineral sunscreens to protect against sun damage. Or moisturizers that ward off more than the first signs of aging, and actually minimize the appearance of dark spots and prevent new ones with ingredients like vitamin C and soy. The lightweight lotions leave the skin hydrated, smooth and matte, which makes it rather easy to use under makeup. Some moisturizers with SPF are also divided in different categories depending on which skin type they are most suited for. A moisturizer with SPF for dry to very dry skin of course needs a different formula than a moisturizer with SPF for oily skin. No matter what skin type you are looking for, on our wholesale marketplace you will find moisturizer with SPF for all skin types. If you can’t find what you are looking for in this category, you could search by skin type. It could be that the beauty supplier has choosen to upload the product under ‘moisturizer for sensitive skin’  or ‘moisturizer for dry skin’  for example.

Moisturizer specified by skin type

If a moisturizer with SPF is so good, why doesn’t every moisturizer have SPF? Usually this is because other active ingredients can be affected by adding sunscreen to the mix. To create an effective moisturizer for sensitive skin for example, SPF might not always be the right ingredient to add. In this category however you will find moisturizers with SPF specifically formulated for specific skin types, so browse through this category to find all the wholesale moisturizer with SPF you need. If the moisturizer does not contain SPF, make sure to advise your customers to use a seperate sunscreen as well. 

SPF Protection