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To give your customers a healthy looking skin, you might need a few tools and accessories to help you out. On I Trade Beauty we offer wholesale skin care tools like buffing products and exfoliating devices, but also smaller products like sponges and scrub washcloths. Scroll through our products to find the right wholesale skin care tools and accessories for your beauty salon, spa or store. If you have any questions about the products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wholesale buffing products

If you would like to clear away any makeup and condition the skin of your customer at the same time, a buffing pad might be the assistant you need. Organic cotton pads for example, that are very soft and absorbent. Use them to apply a toner and not only minimize shine, but also condition at the same time. Find wholesale buffing products from international brands in our tools and accessories category.

Wholesale cleansers

To cleanse the face without rubbing off the natural oils of the skin, a facial sponge could prove useful in your beauty supplies. The sponges have some texture to them but not too much, so exfoiliating while cleansing prepares the skin for skin-enhancing formulas you might apply afterwards. On our beauty platform you will find a few wholesale skin care tools to assist you in cleansing the skin.

Wholesale exfoliants

If the skin of your customer is dull and flaky, a brush head or a smooth edge with micro-grooves might be more effective. It helps to diminish the lines and wrinkles, brushes off dead skin cells and eliminates surface impurities. Exfoliats also take care of the excess oil on the skin that can cause acne. On our global beauty supply platform we offer wholesale exfoliants to assist you in your beauty activities. 

Tools & Accessories