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As the buyer or owner of a beauty salon, store or spa you probably already discovered them: skin care brushes. Where customers first believed their hands would do the job of cleaning their face and body just fine, they are now switching to brushes. There are brushes specifically designed for the face, as well as body brushes available for wholesale. Some brushes are made from animal hair, like brushes with boar hair, while other are manmade bristles, usually made from nylon or other synthetic fibers. Customers can also choose between skin care brush systems and loose brushes. Find all the wholesale skin care brushes you need on our online b2b platform and give your customers that clean skin they are after.

Facial cleansing brushes

A facial cleansing brush is different in its design than a body brush in that it is designed especially for the delicate areas of the skin. There are different kinds of facial cleansing brushes, and most of them are either specified per skin type or skin problem like acne. Take a deep pore brush head for example, which is designed to dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores. Or a precision brush head, which cleanses delicate contoured areas of the face like the nose, lips and around the eyes. These kind of brushes are tailored for dry skin types, as they also increase the natural hydration of the skin. The brushes glice gently over the face with a massaging action, leaving the skin clean and supple.

Body brushes for wholesale

Body brushes are usually more focused on exfoliating rough, dry skin on the body while providing a smoothing massage at the same time. By exfoliating the skin, dry patches will be reduced, since it stimulates sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands, leading to softer, lustrous skin.  Body brushes also boost circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and organs, helping them to do their job better.  Find all the body brushes for wholesale in our skin care category.

Skin care brush system

The body and facial cleansing devices on our platform will help your customer reveal the healthy, younger-looking skin. Some skin care brush systems can be used for both facial cleansing and exfoliating the body. The different brush heads will match even the most sensitive skin. Some beauty brands also offer the option to customize the perfect combination of face and body cleansing systems, where you can advise your customer a specific device, brush head and cleanser for any skin type. A great advantage of these skin can brush systems is that they cleanse and exfoliate quickly, leaving your customer with soft, radiant skin within a minute. Find all the skin care brush systems available for wholesale on our online marketplace