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If you are the owner or a buyer of a beauty salon, spa or store then you are probably getting a few questions about skin cleansing and exfoliating from your customers. A very populair question we often hear is: are cleansing systems really worth to invest in? Definitely. Cleansing systems not only keep the pores clean so your customers need fewer extractions, but they are also good for circulation, which improves the healthy appearance of the skin. A common concern of people is that it will dry out their skin, but in the cleansing system category you can specify the products per skin type or skin problem. Find all the wholesale cleansing systems you need on our online b2b marketplace.

Facial cleansing systems

Are you looking for a facial cleansing system? Then look no further, on I Trade Beauty you will find what you need. The beauty suppliers connected to our platform offer different kinds of motorized skin care gadgets, including facial cleansing systems. They have mini-handhelds, which come with disposable pads that are preloaded with a foaming cleanser and feel very soft on the skin. Or what about a cleansing brush with long and soft bristles that glide over the skin? Some cleansing systems can be used with any cleanser to sweep away grime without irritating the skin. Most facial cleansing systems are either designed for a specific skin type or a skin problem, or have the option of changable brush heads so you can adjust the brush head according to the skin type. This is definitely recommended for people with combination skin for example.

Body cleansing systems

While there are facial cleansing systems which have either different speeds or brush heads for cleansing the body, there are also specific body cleansing systems. These systems help to polish away dull skin and gently exfoliate any impurities. This is especially a great tool to use after walking around all day with sunscreen for example, which is often not easy to remove. The result of using a body cleansing system is not only cleaner, but also softer and more radiant looking skin. A big bonus of a body cleansing system is that it functions as a gentle massage as well, boosting circulation and enhancing the absorption of moisturizers. Find all the wholesale body cleansing systems on our online marketplace

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