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If your beauty salon, spa or store also focuses on skin care products, you might have customers asking for skin care rollers, micro-needling and face massagers. While face massagers are pretty straightforward in their use and effects, there are often a lot of questions about micro-needling. Does it hurt? Can I do it at home? Can I use it on my skin type? While skin care rollers might not be the best skin care treatment for people with sensitive skin, it can be a great addition to the routine of people with normal skin for example. If you would like to add skin care rollers and skin care massagers to your assortment, please scroll through the products to see what our beauty suppliers have uploaded.

Wholesale skin care rollers

When talking about skin care rollers, most people think of micro-needling, or dermarolling as it is also called. This is a treatment that can be done at home, in a dermatologist’ office or in a salon. The miniature rollers are covered with needles, which can instill quite the fear in some customers. Most of the times it’s because they believe the treatment to be quite painful, while this is of course not the case if done correctly. The dermaroller allows for a better penetration of products, with the help of tiny pinpricks that let the skin care serums and creams reach deeper into the skin. They also cause micro-injuries, which sends the brain a signal the skin needs to repair itself. The skin will create more collagen, which causes more radiant, healthy looking skin. The shorter dermarollers with needles between 0.2 and 1 mm in length, are suitble for home treatments and help to increase the effectiveness of skin treatment serums. The longer dermaroller with 1.5mm needles for example will penetrate the skin deeper, and are therefore more suitable in a beauty salon or at a dermatologists’ office. Find all your wholesale skin care rollers and micro-needling products in this category. If you have any questions about this kind of treatment, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty supplier.

Wholesale face massagers and body massagers

When it comes to massagers you can choose between face massagers, massagers for the neck and shoulders, massagers for the chin and many more. Which massager would be the perfect match for you not only depends on the skin of your customer, but also the part of the body that get the massage. If you use massagers in your beauty salon you might be interested in handheld massagers suitable for the whole body. Or you might prefer massagers which focus on one place, like and eye face massager for the delicate eye area, or a massager roller for the chin area. Or perhaps a massager with heating and cooling function? Or color-therapy? No matter what kind of face massagers and body massagers you are looking for, on our wholesale marketplace you will find what you are looking for. And our beauty suppliers upload new products every day, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, it might be here tomorrow. Join our community and receive our newsletter with the latest updates about new beauty suppliers and products. 

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