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Skin care wipes and pads are ideal for customers who are often in a hurry, but would still like to take care of their skin. The wipes rub off make up, grime and oil with the greatest of ease, so even after a long night out your customer can use these instead of their normal make up-removal routine. Skin care pads on the other hand focus more on the exfoliating part, so they are a great combination with the cleansing facial wipes as well. Does your customer have sensitive skin? Read the product description to see what skin types the beauty products are suitable for. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to contact the beauty supplier by email or chat (if available).

Wholesale skin care wipes

Skin care wipes come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and purposes; from just cleaning your face with a skin care wipe to a complete cleansing treatment with natural ingredients. The cleansing facial wipes as they are also often called, can be a great addition to the daily skin care routine of your customers. On our online marketplace our beauty suppliers have uploaded cleansing facial wipes especially made for the sensitive skin, which are able to remove make up and impurities without causing any irritation. Or facial wipes which contain chamomile extract, green tea and aloe to cleanse, balance and restore the skin. Find all the wholesale skin care wipes from our beauty suppliers on our online b2b beauty platform

Wholesale skin care pads

When choosing skin care pads as an addition for the assortment of your beauty salon, spa or store, you have the option to choose between many beauty brands. Some skin care pads focus on exfoliating dead skin cells and enhance the growth of new skin cells, which in turn give the skin a healthy and younghtfull appearance. Other skin care pads address the anti-aging aspect as well, but are more focused on tightening the skin and shrinking pores. There are also skin care pads which focus more on acne treatment, as they unclog pores and remove bacteria and impurities. You can search for wholesale skin care pads in this category, or if you are looking for a specific skin care problem you can also visit the anti-aging cateogry or the acne and problem skin category for example. 

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