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Are you looking for wholesale skin care treatments for your salon, spa or store? Skin care treatments can be used for overall treatment like reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or for a specific skin problem like cellulite or acne. On I Trade Beauty we offer all products in a clear overview, so whether you are looking for a skin care treatment that will focus on regaining a healthy balance of the skin or a cream to draw out dirt and congestion, on our platform your will find the right wholesale beauty supplies for you. Our beauty suppliers offer wholesale mud masks, peels, balms and ointments, dark spot corrector, body lotion, skin nutrition and vein treatment. Browse through our wholesale skin care treatments category to find the products suited to your needs.

Wholesale skin care treatments for acne

Of the many skin problems like breakouts, razor bumps and in-grown hair, ance might be one of the most widely known and common skin problems. Using the right serum, mask, peel or cream can treat the acne and make your skin look healthy again. The skin care treatments for acne on our beauty platform not only treat the skin, but also take care of the skin after treating it, leaving it soft and smooth.

Wholesale dark spot correctors

The appearance of dark spots is another well-known skin problem which people would like to get rid of as soon as they can. Treatments in this category refine enlarged pores and stimulate collagen production. This leaves the skin with a renewed brightness and clearity and thereby reduces the dark spots. Find all your anti-dark spots and brightening treatments here on our platform.

Skin care treatments for aging skin

The anti-aging treatments on our beauty platform will help to slow down the aging process by delaying the skin cells senescence. Most creams will also help to protect against UV-damage from the sun, please check the description below the product to see all the ingredients.

Wholesale vein treatments

Thirty years ago the appearance of varicose veins, or spider veins as they are also called, meant the end of skirt and short pants. Luckily there are multiple products right now that are able to reduce the appearance of varicose veins and even treat them so they become less visible. The vein treatment will, when applied, nourish the inflamed or swollen veins and soothe and reduce the inflammation so the apperance of the vein will become less apparent. 

Skin treatments