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Dark spots are unfortunately a well-known skin problem which people rather see gone. Luckily there are dark spot correctors and brightening products on the market that promise to do just that. If you are the owner or a buyer of a beauty salon, spa or store and you would like to add dark sport correctors to your assortment, please browse through this  skin care category. The dark spot correctors in this category are able to refine enlarged pores, thereby reducing the size. The dark spots will become less visible and give the skin a renewed brightness and clarity. Find all the dark spot correctors for wholesale and brightening products for wholesale on our online marketplace.

Wholesale dark spot correctors

Our beauty suppliers have uploaded lightweight dark spot serums with powerful botanics like sand lily, sea fern and wild rose. These ingredients will prevent melanin from travelling to the surface of the skin and thereby gently reducing dark spots. Other dark spot correctors contain ingredients that stimulate the collagen production and elastin peptides for a firmer and smoother skin. Different plant extracts and antioxidants help to brighten the skin. Other spot correctors contain tumernic, lactic acid and papaya for their skin brightening properties. Most of the dark spot correctors focus on the face, but there are some which can be used on the back of the hands and chest as well (read the product description for more information). There are also multitaskers which focus on acne scars and sun damage as well. For all wholesale dark spot correctors please browse our category to find all the products you need.

Wholesale brightening products

Some manufacturers or beauty suppliers rather focus on the brightening aspect of the products, therefore often naming them brightening products. The products often contain specific plant extracts like peony and licorice root to brighten up the skin and thereby reducing the appearance of dark spots. There are even complete sets available which adress all three stages of skin discoloration: the intitial pigmentation of the skin, the visible discoloration and the dulling of the skin. Keep in mind that customers with sensitive skin or a darker skin color need to take extra care while searching for these products. Excess peeling of the skin can lead to hyper-pigmentation or lead to lightening or darkening of the skin. Always advise your customers to use a sunscreen product, since the active ingredients can make the skin more vulnerable to burns. For all sun care products please visit our sun care products category where you will also find hair protection sprays and lip protection

Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Products