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If you are the owner of a salon, spa or store or if you are a buyer for a beauty business, you will find all the wholesale skin treatment serums from international suppliers in this category. Our suppliers offer skin treatment serums that can be used for an overall treatment on the body, like reducing the skin pigmentation. Other skin treatment serums focus on specific skin problems like cellulite or acne. On our wholesale beauty supply platform you will find wholesale skin treatment serums suited to the needs of your customers.

Wholesale skin treatment serums

The wholesale skin treatment serums on I Trade Beauty can be suitable for all skin types, or they can be used specifically on a dry or sensitive skin type for example. Our suppliers offer treatment serums that focus to offset the effects of hyper-secretion of sebum, as well as serums that improve the appearance of the skin and prevent the effects of photoaging. There are even treatment serums that have a slight surface exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, giving it a smooth texture and renewed radiance. Most skin treatment serums can be applied with a light massage on the skin until it is completely absorbed.

Organic serums for skin care

If you prefer to use a wholesale skin treatment serum with natural ingredients, you can also find suppliers who offer these kind of treatments on our platform. Think about skin treatment serums with plankton to give the skin cells extra oxygen and stimulate the collagen production. Or fruit oils which contain antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory and plant stem cells for increased hydration.

Skin treatment creams and gels

Are you looking for a different skin treatment? Then a skin treatment  balm, gel, lotion or mask might be suitable for you. In our category of skin treatments our suppliers have uploaded this and more, including specific treatments like vein treatments. If you have any questions about the products, please contact the supplier and they will send a reply as soon as possible. 

Skin treatment serums