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People with sensitive skin are often wary of products like cleansers and skin toners. They dry our their skins they say, or they get breakouts and inflammated skin. Not if you use the right skin toner! Often these people have used a skin care product suited for other skin types. A toner for dry skin could clog the pores if someone with sensitive skin uses it. Or a toner for oily skin might dry the skin of a person with sensitive skin type. It is therefore important to advise these people skin toners especially formulated for sensitive skin. Skin toners for these skin type are gentle and soothing for the skin, while still removing excess oils, dirt and make-up. Browse through our wholesale skin toner for sensitive skin to find all the products you are looking for. The beauty suppliers connected to our platform upload new skin toners for wholesale on a daily basis, so if you can’t find what you are looking for you might find it the next day.

Skin toner for sensitive skin

If the skin of your customer has fine pores and can be easily irritated, he or she probably has sensitive skin. A person can get sensitive skin because of their genetics, but sometimes also because of a poor diet, changes in the weather and hormonal imbalance. If the skin is sensitive like this, you don’t want to put on a product that will irritate it further. On our wholesale marketplace you are able to find skin toners which act like a healing tonic for the skin. They contain minerals to increase the hydration levels of the skin and to give it a moisturized and smooth look.

Natural skin toners

The reason why many people are afraid of using a skin toner is because they believe the ingredients will dry and irritate their sensitive skin. They are thinking of skin toners with large amounts of alcohol and added heavy fragrances, which irritate the skin and make it flake and overproduce oil. A natural skin toner however does not have any of these risks. On our platform you will find skin toners with active plant extracts for example. The hibiscus, hazel, tea tree oil etc. Moisturize and cleanse the skin without irritating it. It leaves the skin matte and smooth, and prevents breakouts and blackheads. If you have any questions about the products and the ingredients, please contact the supplier via the contact button or the chat (if available). 

Sensitive skin