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Are you the buyer for a beauty salon, spa or store or the owner of a beauty business and are you looking for skin toners? Then look no further. On I Trade Beauty you will find all the wholesale skin toners for all skin types. When it comes to skin toners, customers have a lot of questions, even more so because it’s a category that is misunderstood in general. Most of the times customers will want to know first what a skin toner actually is and what it can do for them. Because of different and outdated information online this category has become increasingly more confusing for consumers, who sometimes even believe a toner is useless. That’s very disappointing, especially since a well-formulated toner can give your customers an amazing healthy, radiant glow. Take a look in our skin toner – category to see which skin toners can give your customers the healthy and youthful skin they are looking for.  

Skin toners for all skin types

After cleansing the skin, it is important to use a formula which contains a range of ingredients that restore and repair the surface. Finding the perfect toner for the skin is not an easy task, however the skin toners in this category are suitable to almost all skin types. The toners in this category are filled with skin-beneficial ingredients which reinforce the cleanser, serums and moisturizer your customers are already using. If the skin of your customer does not have a specific pain point, they can use whatever formula they enjoy the most. If they feel a skin toner with nourishing oils is the best, or aromatherapeutic botanical oils, they can go ahead and use it. It is best to try a few products to see which skin toner works best. Find all the wholesale skin toner for all skin types on our online marketplace.

Skin toners with anti-aging properties

The skin toners your are looking for are packed with ingredients you look for in all you skin care: vitamins, antioxidants and peptides. These ingredients are also a great advantage in your anti-agign routine, since they provide your customer wtih an extra layer of defence in between your clanser and moisturizer. Skin toners can detoxify the skin and remove thema long with residue left by smoke and smog from the outside for example. Using a skin toner customers will get a brighter and clearer appearance to the skin and lead to fewer wrinkles. 

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