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Skin toners have renewed their status as an important part of any beauty regime. A well-formulated skin toner removes excess oil, dirt and makeup. Therefore a toner is usually used after the face is washed and before it is moisturized with a moisturizer. If the soap your cutsomer is using, causes a disturbance in the pH balance of the skin, a skin toner will help to restore that balance quickly. There are even skin toners which have brightening effects or help to remove age spots. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, spa or store or you are a buyer for a beauty business you can browse through our assortment of wholesale skin toner for oily skin and combination skin. The beauty suppliers connected to us offer you an extensive assortment of skin toners, and they upload new products on a daily basis. If you have any questions about the products please do not hesitate to contact the supplier of your choice by email or chat (if available).

Wholesale skin toner for oily skin

On our wholesale platform you will find skin toners for oily skin which let the skin breathe, keep the pores tight and even out the complexion. The toners that are most suitable for oily skin and combination skin contain ingredients which help to repair the skin’s surface and make it feel smoother. It not only keeps the pores tight, but also reduces enlarged pores and actively help those pores to handle excess oil in an efficient matter. Some skin toners for oily skin also contain ingredients designed to reduce inflammation and promote healthy collagen production. Would you rather offer your customers natural skin toners? Some contain up to 95% naturally derived formulas.

Wholesale skin toner for combination skin

A ‘classic’ combination skin is oily on the forehead, nose and chin and normal to dry on the cheeks and jaw area. If your customer has combination skin and uses the wrong skin toner, they can end up with a product that dries out the normal to dry areas even more or put emphasis on the oily parts. A gentle and alcohol-free skin toner with ingredients to normalize the skin will get and keep the skin in balance. The dryness and oiliness will be reduced, and with ongoing use of skin toners for combination skin the enlarged pores will also become smaller. Do you have a sensitive skin which is oily or on the dry side? For skin toners especially formulated for sensitive skin we advise you to visit our category wholesale skin toner for sensitive skin

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