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Are you looking for wholesale sun care products for your tanning salon or store? People tend to look great when they have a bit of a tan. A slightly bronzed skin adds a warm glow to the skin and masks small blemishes. A tan also makes colorful clothes stand out more, giving your customers a brighter and more radiant appearance. However, it can be difficult to get exactly the right tan: think about UV rays and tan lines for example. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale sun care supplies that protect the skin like sunscreen, sunblock and sun cream, but also products that will create a tan without going into the sun at all like body tanners, bronzers and face tanners.

Wholesale sunscreen and sun cream

Skin with a warm, sunkissed tan can look radiant and attractive, however people have to avoid staying in the sun for too long. Excessive exposure to the sun will have negative health effects like sun burns and rapid skin aging. It is therefore important to protect the skin with sunscreen or sun cream. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale sunscreen from international beauty brands as well as different kinds of wholesale sun care products to protect and tend to the skin of your customers. If people have a tan that they are not happy about we also have a selection of tan removers available.

Wholesale bronzers and tanning products

A nice tan can be kept all year long, even without going on a holiday to a tropic island. With a nice bronzer or tanning product people will keep the radiant glow even in the coldest months, and on I Trade Beauty you will find high quality lotions, creams, oils and bronzers from international brands to achieve just that. These wholesale sun care products will help you refine your body tone and define your look.  

Sun Care products