Sun Care products

Everyone needs to be well-protected in the sun. Sunscreen with a desired level of SPF is therefore a must when you stay outside all day However, sometimes people stay out in the sun for too long or they get into the water, losing part of the protection the sunscreen gives. If a customer or client comes to your store or salon with sunburns, advising an after sun product could help them to alleviate the often painful feeling of a sunburn. On our beauty supply platform you will find an assortment of wholesale after sun products from international suppliers, accessible to you after registering your company for free.

Wholesale after sun with aloe vera

After immediately cooling and moisturizing the skin, customers will most likely talk about painful skin that itches and sometimes also peels. Some after sun has aloe vera as an ingredient, which is calming for the skin and supports the natural regenerative capacity of the skin. If your customer or client has sunburns, the after sun lotion or cream needs to be applied at least daily to give relief. Find the right wholesale after sun with aloe vera for your salon or store on our beauty supply platform.

Treat sunburn

If the sunburns of your client or customer are mild, with the symptoms described above, an after sun lotion will help to cool and heal the irritated skin. However, if the sunburns are worse and blisters form on the skin, it is important to not do anything about it. As a beauty professional you should send your customer to the doctor to make sure it is not a medical emergency. Also warn your client for dehydration and it’s symptoms like headaches, dizziness and decreased urination.

Prevent sunburn

The best way to treat a sunburn is of course to prevent it. Advise your customers to regularily use sunscreen whenever they plan to stay in the sun for an extended period of time. You can get sunburned even if the sun is hidden behind the clouds. For wholesale sunscreen we advise you to search our sunscreen-category, where you will find sunscreen products from international suppliers.  

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