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Are you looking for wholesale body tanning products for your tanning salon or spa? Everybody likes to have that nice rich color that comes from the sun. However, staying outside in the sun all day is not really recommended. Indoor tanning or spray tanning is a safer method and as a salon or spa you can help your customer to achieve a coloured, even skin tone in a fraction of the time it would take staying in the sun. On I Trade Beauty we offer many different wholesale body tanning products to get that beautiful sunkissed tan.

Wholesale spray tan products

There are tons of different spray tan products available, the trick is finding the right one for you and your customers. On our beauty platform you will find wholesale spray tan products like tanning mist, which is streak free and excellent for a quick and easy glow. We also offer large quantities of tanning solution, like the Cougar Beauty professional tanning solution.

Energy booster and anti-aging

Some tanning sprays, lotions or mists also have an ‘energy-booster’ in them, meaning that they give not only the body but also the mind a boost. They are perfect to use when your customer is feeling tired and could use a little boost. Other body tanning products have a special formula that combines a tanning effect with anti-aging, firming and cellulite ingredients. Browse through our wholesale body tanning products to find the right products for your tanning salon or spa. 

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